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Massage, Acupuncture, and Insurance Coverage

Many people think of massage and reflexology as a luxury. However, for many people, its a necessity. How many people do you know who pop advil, tylenol, or painkillers daily just to function? Regular therapeutic massage can often eliminate the need for these drugs, powerfully relieve stress, and promote general well being.


One would think that insurances should cover such a basic healthcare service that could save them millions of dollars by preventing pains and illnesses that turn into expensive prescriptions and hospital services. It is a shame that most insurances have no coverage for massage therapy and reflexology.


However, many insurances nowadays cover acupuncture. When we combine auricular acupuncture with massage, the massage is an adjunctive treatment to the acupuncture. Because of that, you may be eligible for combined acupuncture and massage visits using your insurance’s acupuncture coverage.


Please see the Insurance Info tab above for more details.

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