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Our Dispensary

When using Chinese Herbal Medicine, Herb Quality is a key component in success of treatment. The herbs used must be the correct species (and not a close relative), free of pesticides and additives, and harvested at the correct time.

When we first began our dispensary in 2017, we ordered hundreds of dollars worth of herbs from a highly regarded Chinese Herbal wholesale company. We used these herbs on our first patient with an enlarged prostate and difficult urination. To our shock, the formula that should have worked had the opposite effect and the patient’s condition worsened.


Suspecting pesticide contamination may have been to blame, we reordered the herbs through a wholesale company that checks every shipment for 278 pesticides and DNA tests each lot to make sure it is the correct species and not a cheaper lookalike. We were satisfied when we remade the formula, and the patient reported all of his symptoms better.


Since then, we resolved to only stock herbs from the highest quality providers, tested for pesticides and species accuracy. Today, our dispensary boasts over 80 types of Raw Herbs, Dozens of Powdered Formulas, and a variety of Herbs in Pill Form. Anything that a patient needs that we don’t have, we order.

We believe our Chinese Herbal Dispensary is the most comprehensive and highest quality

of any dispensary in Rockland County. We’re proud to provide the best in authentic Chinese Herbal Medicine.



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