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helping me to get better

Hi, this is Faigy Weiss. I have suffered for 5 years with acid reflux,  IBS and migraine headaches. For so many years, I have gone to Dr. Daniel Rose. He is helping me to get better. He is amazing person to go to. It makes me very relaxed and the treatments help. I recommend people who have similar problems to

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Pain and Insomnia

I am receiving acupuncture treatment from Daniel Rose for pain and insomnia. I am extremely pleased with his work, and have seen rapid results. He is very knowledgeable, caring and gentle. He is a very good listener, and he tailors his approach to my personal requirements. I give him my highest recommendation.


-Patient R.S.

Gentle Touch

I find Daniel Rose to be kind and caring. He has a gentle touch and I have responded very well to my acupuncture sessions with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to do acupuncture.


-Sylvia Berkowitz

Long Term Low Back Pain

Daniel Rose is treating me for long-term low-grade back pain. When I explained that my goal was not so much to cure the pain as it was to increase my ability to tolerate it, Dan understood immediately. He explained how he would proceed and how it would achieve my goal. In about six sessions now, I am routinely feeling stronger

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